Too Much Jogging Could Cause Early Death


Too Much Jogging Could Cause Early DeathExercise had always been known to be one of the activities that are considered good for health and fitness. One of which is jogging or running in the morning. There are a lot of important benefits of running.

However, a recent study revealed the opposite. According to the study, too much running can actually cause premature death.

This surprising result was obtained by researchers in the Cardiovascular Research Institute, Pennsylvania, after observing 3,800 runners. Researchers found that people who runs to much have shorter age compared with those who run regularly but not excessively.

Researchers in the United States reveal that sufficient time for jogging is two to three hours per week. People who jog more than that and those who is not jog at all are known to have a shorter age. This is as reported by the Daily Mail.

Yet until now researchers are still not sure what causes the jogging habit to be associated with an increased risk of death. They have not found this association with heart health. Researchers also have made observations on the health of participants such as checking their blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking habit. But all of those factors are known not to be associated with increased risk of death.

Researchers conducted the study on participants with an average age of 46 years. Approximately 70 percent of participants are known to run and jog more than 20 miles per week. Given this result , it does not mean you should stop jogging.

Researchers emphasize that jogging is beneficial for the body and health as long as you do not overdo it. Those who do jogging too often should consult their health  regularly to stay in shape .

One of the researchers, Dr. James O’Keefe believes that too much running will make the body tired and in a long period of time can affect the risk of death. O’Keefe suggested that someone still limit the habit of running up to three hours per week at moderate speeds, unless they are athletes. In a previous research it was also known that excessive running triggers heart damage.