Too much sitting can damage DNA!


Too much sitting can damage DNA

There have been many studies that reveal the dangers of too much sitting. Even today too much sitting is claimed to have more harmful effects than smoking habit. Now there is one more recent study revealing the dangers of too much sitting. Researchers from Sweden have revealed that too much sitting will damage DNA.

There is a section of DNA called telomeres. Its duty is to protect the chromosome. When a person gets older, the telomeres get shorter and will continue to shorten until it no longer shortens and cause cell death. It can also be referred to as the ‘aging’ telomeres.

Recent research reveals that prolonged sitting habits will accelerate the aging process of telomeres, which in turn will accelerate the cell death and DNA damage. The impact in the long term is a shortening of the human age.

“Our data indicate that reducing the habit of sitting will make telomeres more ‘youthful’ and maintain a healthy body and enables a person to live longer,” said researcher Per Sjogren, a professor at Uppsala University, as reported by Health Day (03/09) .

Even so Per Sjogren suggested that these results should be treated with caution as it is obtained from small-scale studies. However, fact is that this is the first study to show a link between physical activity with aging of telomeres.

To maintain telomeres to stay young and gives  impact on fitness and longevity, it is better to immediately reduce the habit of sitting for too long and do more physical activity every day.