Too much TV makes toddlers difficult to talk


toddler watch tv

Toddlers should not watch too much television because it is known those who watch TV more than three hours a day are more at risk to experience speech problems and are more difficult to talk. Besides speech problems, these toddlers are also more at risk to be bullied by other children later at school and around their environment.

Based on a recent research conducted, it is known that toddlers who watch too much TV will experience problems concerning their speaking skills, they tend to lose the ability to speak. Not only that, these children will also have problems dealing with math in school, their math skills will also be affected from their bad habit of watching too much television.

It is advised that children should only be allowed to watch television for two hours in one day. The more these children watch television the more they are at risk of becoming bullying victims and the more they will face speech problems.

This problem could arise because of the lack of care by these children’s parents. These children lack physical activities which in turn makes them less healthy and their parents should provide more care for their children. The research itself is the first to study the relation between how long a toddler watch television with their motor skill and their psychological state as well.

“These findings show the importance of parental supervision when caring for children, and the recommendation for their children’s television watching. A child is only recommended to watch television  for two hours a day. Too long watching television can cause negative effects,” said Professor Linda Pagani of the Montreal University who led the study, as reported by the Daily Mail (08/08).

In the research, scientists tested 1006 29 months old boys and 991 girls in Quebec. From their study, the researchers claimed that negative effects were seen in children who watched television for more that two hours when compare to those who rarely watched TV. Besides that, the researchers also stated that children who watched too much TV showed decline in speech, language, and mathematics skills. In a previous research it was also known that toddlers who watch too nuch TV will have problems at school.

So, if you have toddlers at home, it is best to limit their time in front of television. It is better for them to play outside or do fun physical activities witch is clearly more beneficial for their health.