Too much worrying can lower the immune system


Too much worrying can lower the immune systemAre you included as people who are easily worried? If so, immediately find a way to overcome your anxiety. Because recent study says too much worrying can lower the immune system and cause disease.

According to researchers, a little worrying also increases the risk of inflammation in the body. So that these conditions make a person susceptible to various health problems.

A total of 24 healthy women were included in this study. They were all given a situation that increases anxiety. Then the levels of C-reactive protein – a sign of inflammation of the tissue – of the respondents were checked.

C-reactive protein itself is a compound produced by the liver and will serve as the initial inflammation in the body. Levels will increase if a person experiencing trauma, injury, or infection.

As a result, C-reactive protein indeed increases in number when respondents experience situations that make them anxious.

“Chronic inflammation is associated with many health problems. Immune system also plays a role in maintaining heart health, cancer, brain diseases, and more. So someone should be able to control their anxiety so that all this did not happen,” said lead author of the study, Peggy Zoccola of Ohio University, as quoted in the Daily Mail (18/03).

The results of the study were then reported in the annual meetings of the American Psychosomatic Society in Miami.

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