Traffic jams increases heart attack rate!

Traffic jams increases heart attack rate!

Living in a big city is really a challenge to the health of the human body. Air pollution, bad roads, and lack of access to food that is organic and free of chemicals are capable of breaking down a person’s health slowly.

A study even found that they those who are often stuck at traffic jams could face a higher risk for heart disease. Stress happens to be the main reason why this terrible disease can strike your heart health.

“Stressful situation including traffic jams and crowded streets that you face every day can make your stress level increases. This could cause high blood pressure and harm heart health. This is added with air pollution chemicals that you breathe each day that can poison your blood, “said Dr. Jaime Hart researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA.

“In spite of the many distractions that arise on your health, do not forget to live a healthy lifestyle such as by controlling weight, being physically active, reduce smoking, eating a healthy diet, and managing stress. Because  a little bit of good habit every day that you plant are capable of providing major impact to the health of your body. “

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