Tragic Story of a Girl Allergic to Light


Megan Hume light allergyMegan Hume, 10, had to bury her dream to leave the house to play with her friends. She could only stay in a dark room. Avoiding sunlight which is like a fierce poison to her body.

Severe allergic reaction suddenly appears every time her body is exposed to light. Just a few minutes outside the house, it could even make her feel great pain. Her skin blistered and swollen like exposed burns.

Not only the sun, she also becomes very sensitive to a variety sources of light. Ranging from light bulbs to light from the TV screen. “Watching television about an hour can create a really bad allergic reaction,” said her mother, Michelle, according to

Her suffering began in July 22, 2012. When Megan discovered a rash wound on her neck. “We must always keep her in a dark room. We are really desperate to find out the cause, especially when initially Megan rebelled because she felt trapped.”

Her family was forced to put up curtains permanently. Overlay windows and doors with a dark coating to prevent light to come in. “Getting out at night is also not safe because there are moonlight and street lights,” she said.

While waiting for the results of the analysis of physicians, Megan continues to take drugs and applying a special cream 20 times a day to reduce the effects of allergies. And, if forced to leave the house for medical treatment, she had to cover the entire surface of  her skin with clothing, sunglasses, and a black protective umbrella.