Tragic Story of a Man who Weighs 368 Kilograms


Keith Martin - ObesityKeith Martin, 42, feels that he’s on the verge of death. With body weight reaching 368 kilograms, he could only lie in his bed. His misery increase when he suffered testicular enlargement by as big as a bowling ball.

His figure became the talk of the world. There people who sympathize. However, the majority blaspheme his poor lifestyle. Doctors even warned sternly, “Take our advice or die!”

Hearing the word death, Martin began to shudder. “I tried to pay attention to their advice, but in fact nothing burdens me except the headlines around the world which are talking about my weight,” he said, according to the Daily Mail.

There are many causes of obesity, it was previously known also that lack of sleep cause obesity. Not only that, from a research it was even known that intestinal bacteria triggers obesity.

If his appetite peaked, Martin could eat a pack of bacon, six sausages, six eggs, a large toast, sandwiches, and beans for lunch. At night, he eats two large pan pizzas, and three jumbo size kebabs.

That’s just the main menu. In between meals, he also is used to snacking biscuit, candy, cake, and chocolate. Eating four sandwiches with ham and bacon is even a ritual every night before bed.

Plus the habit of drinking two liters of cola and six cups of sweet coffee, intake of calories into the body reaches 20,000 per day. This figure is 10 times the daily calorie needs.

Feeling on the brink of suicide, he desperately limited himself to only consume 1,500 calories. “This is a difficult process, but I tried to hold on to my new diet,” said the man who is 175 centimeters tall.

In order to restore long life expectancy, he has to lose weight at least half of the numbers he has now. “I want to be as thin as in my youth, but what I really want is to sit comfortably in normal sized seats.”

Martin has probably already forgotten how it felt sitting in a chair. Last time he sat on a chair was seven years ago. And that requires a two-seater. “I also have an irregular heartbeat, severe asthma, and migraines,” he said.

Besides the right diet, another important factor to lose weight is exercise, a routine exercise could help you lose weight faster. Previously it was also known that walking weakens obesity genes.