Treat Stress by Eating Bananas


bananasBananas contain nutrients that are good for health. Besides containing fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease, bananas also contain nutritional stress reliever.

According to Genius Beauty, tryptophan Mino substances contained in the bananas are able to increase production of serotonin or known as the ‘happy hormones‘. The increase of this hormone is clearly a potent to improve your mood and stabilize emotions.

Bananas also contain vitamin B that help control the nervous system. Therefore, besides causing a sense of happiness, banana consumption also makes the body feel more relaxed.

Meanwhile, the content of potassium in bananas effectively stabilize the heart rate so that oxygen supply to the brain is smooth. This is important, because in most cases the heart rate became irregular during stress.

That’s why bananas are recommended as a snack to prevent depression. Consumption of bananas effectively protect the body from excessive stress. So, do not hesitate to consume this fruit every day.