True Happiness Emerges by Knowing Who We are


Life is indeed a game. To live the life fruitfully, we need to know what our life is, who we are and where we are going to. It needs deep contemplation to find or even sacrifice to do endless effort to search. To do so, God has provided us with religion by which we can track the right path in life. The religion guides us to know and identify which are allowed and not allowed to be done by us. It even contributes to regulating our personal life. However, it seems insufficient for us to rely on it and the books it provides. We need another alternative to find it.

One of many alternatives available to help us with finding our existence is our ownself. Meaning, we ourselves who need to seek who we are, why we live, and where we will bring our life to. If we can do it successfully we can find the atma in ourselves within our body. The atma is different from the body. It is the true us. To help us do so, we can learn from the Gurus who have the deep understanding regarding the matter. Chris Butler is one of them who dedicate himself in helping us to find our exisitence. We can learn about Chris Butler the Jagad Guru and obtain his wise words and teachings for use in our life.

To wrap up, we can not feel satisfied with what we are and have today. We need to know who we are and why we live. By then, we will be able to find out that happiness, success and joys in our life come from ourselves, not from our belongings or materials.

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