Two and a half hours exercise once a week is enough


exerciseSo far, the experts always suggest that we should diligently exercise regularly every day. But a recent study says that exercise once a week is enough, as long as we do it for two and a half hours.

According to researchers from Queen’s University, anyone who works out for 150 minutes at the weekend are able to get the same benefits as those who regularly exercise every day.

“Sometimes a lot of people are too busy working so they can not exercise regularly. As long as they can meet the time 150 minutes a day to exercise alone, it is included healthy,” explained lead researcher Dr. Ian Janssen, as quoted by the Daily mail.

Health guidance suggested that adults do physical activity every day for a total of 150 minutes. But there is no definite rule whether the exercise should be done 20-25 minutes every day, or 150 minutes a day directly.

This study also proves the health benefits of exercising 150 minutes, no matter whether a person do it little by little each day or directly in a single day.

The results subsequently published in the Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism journal.