Two Apples a day Prevent Heart Attacks

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apples prevent heart attackMake your food as medicine. The words of Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician, is so popular in the world of health. This encourage scientists to  uncover the properties of food on health.

Apples are one of them. A Florida State University research team found the efficacy of apples on cardiac health, this is as quoted by the Daily Mail. Previously apples are also known as one of the foods that become secrets to a long life. This fruit is also known to be able to help fight cellulite.

They conducted experiments on two groups of menopausal women, who are at risk of having a stroke heart attack. The first group were asked to consume two apples every day. The second group were asked to consume a plum every day.

The experiment lasted for six months with regular blood tests. The result showed that those who ate two apples on a regular basis can lower bad cholesterol levels by 25 percent. While those who ate plums showed no significant results.

Heap of bad cholesterol can lead to blood clots that could potentially impede the flow of blood around the heart and brain. That is why the decrease in levels of bad cholesterol in the blood significantly prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Why do the researchers involved menopausal women? Because they are considered a group at high risk for heart disease and stroke. About 45 percent of women experience menopause in the UK. The two diseases were regarded as the trigger of death among them.

Until just before menopause, women are considered to have a lower risk of developing heart disease and stroke. The risk is 1/3 lower than men. However, the risk increases sharply after menopause.

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