Two glasses of milk a day is enough for toddlers

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Milk is a drink which is needed as a source of vitamin D and calcium for toddlers. However consuming more than two glasses of milk a day can actually erode the iron in a toddler’s body, this is according to a new research.

As quoted from WebMD, the study conducted by researchers from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto and headed by L. Jonathin Maguire.

“Milk is an essential nutrient for infants, but consuming too much is not good for children,” said Maguire.

Vitamin D and iron are two nutrients that are needed for infant growth. Iron plays a role in the formation of the brain, while vitamin D supports healthy bones and teeth of toddler.

If the source of vitamin D is found in milk, then the iron is usually derived from the consumption of meat.

The researcher then explained that consuming three glasses of milk a day makes the levels of ferritin in the blood decreases. Ferritin is a dosage amount of stored iron in the body.

However, researchers also highlighted that toddlers drink cow milk that tend not to contain too much vitamin D. So actually there is no clear limit how many glasses of milk should be consumed by toddlers.

In a study published in the Pediatrics journal, also presented that the sun, supplements and healthy food consumed by children remain supervised by adult. Because even though a child is drinks just two glasses of milk a day but do not want to eat foods that contain iron, there remains a risk that the toddlers have low ferritin levels.

“This study essentially confirms the importance of milk for children growth, especially vitamin D, followed by daily consumption advice tailored to the needs of every child,” said the representative of the National Dairy Council is not involved in the research.

In conclusion, do not just focus on how much milk to be consumed by children, but also consider other healthy foods that are needed for the growth of your baby.


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