Two Natural Therapies to Overcome Migraines


migraine natural treatmentsSometimes you consider headaches to be a trivial thing. Perhaps this is because you already had experienced them too often. Or you already have drugs that can be relied upon to relieve this pain because there are many types of drugs and even foods that can relieve migraines.

What about migraines? It sounsd trivial, but it can greatly interfere with your activities. As reported by iVillage, to avoid a migraine you can do natural therapies, like acupuncture or yoga.

Apparently, poor posture can also triggers migraines. Regular yoga practice helps the sufferer. A study in the Headache journal showed that patients who practice yoga, reduced their headache intensity, compared with patients taking drug as a cure.

“Some yoga moves can help prevent migraines, they train your body to get the perfect posture and blood flow smoothly,” said Carolyn Bernstein, MD, a neurologist and author of ‘The Migraine Brain’, and the founder of the Headache Center Women at Cambridge Health Alliance.

Another therapy that can be done is acupuncture, which has the same working principle. Blood flow and restore the body’s energy. The Chinese medicine that uses needles are media is more effective than chemical drugs. Similarly, according to a review of 22 studies of acupuncture that has been done.

While the frequency of treatments required depends on each case, said James Rohr, a doctor of oriental medicine and licensed acupuncturist expert in Miami.

As a first aid for migraine, you can suppress it with ginger. At least, ginger may reduce nausea that usually accompanies migraine. This will provide a calming effect on the blood vessels that are dilated during a migraine attack.

A study suggests ginger reduces migraines and mild headaches to 63 percent, compared with 39 percent of patients taking placebo medication type. Previously, it was also known that ice cream could treat migraines as well. Another alternative treatment known is that cycling can relieve migraines.