Type of Food Allergy That Causes Obesity


Corn weight gainWhen diet and regular exercise does not help you lose weight, it may be because of food allergies. Although some allergies usually occur rapidly, with initial symptoms such as itching, allergies sometimes also cause chronic inflammation, fluid retention, gas and so on. Food allergies not only cause bloating, fatigue, and joint pain. Worse, allergies can also gain weight.

Caitlin Weeks, a holistic nutritionist said that food allergies in adults develop intolerance later in life. Here are some of the most common foods that cause allergies.

Allergy to gluten, called celiac, it can make the intestinal lining becomes inflamed, along with food consumption which is based on wheat. The body will work harder to digest them by producing a lot of gas. This is what causes the stomach to be bloated, constipation, and weight gain.

Dairy Products
Lactose, the sugar in cow’s milk, can be very difficult to be digested by the adult body. Even worse it can also cause allergies. Where patients who are exposed to allergies should avoid milk. Allergies will cause inflammation of the intestines and abdominal fat accumulation.

Although peanut allergies are more quickly found in children, it can also occur in adults. Nuts can cause weight gain because the body fights foreign substances by increasing insulin. Insulin is the hormone of fat storage and can lead to obesity.

Corn contains a very large protein, known as zein. It is a grain protein similar to gluten in wheat. Most people are not able to digest grains, so they only digest partially disrupt your digestive tract.