Types of Housework That can Make You Slim


gardening lose weightHobbies of eating fried foods, fatty foods, less exercise, and busy working could all be a lifestyle most of us live. So, do not be surprised if our bodies get fat.

Well, so that your body do not get wider, Yahoo Shine provides a practical suggestion. If you do not have time to exercise, start doing housework. Some housework are proven effective to burn calories.

Mopping the floor
Mopping the floor one hour burns 240 calories. This activity can also strengthen the arms and waist.

Cooking is a job that requires energy. Try to get to the kitchen and see for yourself. In one hour you cook, it can burn 150 calories.

See the room walls or fences of your home. When worn, it’s time to paint it again. Painting for an hour can burn 290 calories.

You no longer need to pay a gardener. Try to nurse your own garden. Gardening can burn 250 calories. When added by cutting the grass, it increases the calories burned to 325 calories.