Understanding Your Body To Flatten Your Stomach


The most difficult of bodily fat deposits to get rid of is stomach fat. Short of going for liposuction, there is no quick and easy way to flatten your stomach, or is there? It can be done with a lot of exercise, an iron grip on a proper diet, and buckets of determination to pull through a rigorous regimen to rid yourself of the spare tire and you need to know how to flatten your stomach and keep it flat. Above those though, you need to understand your body.

The human body is the result of eons of evolution, and there are many mechanisms meant to ensure survival. Unfortunately, survival in this case means being able to pull through tough times and not necessarily living a long and healthy life. If you want to flatten your stomach, read up and understand how your body works in conjunction to fat.

Stress is the enemy

Environmental stress has a way of making things so much worse for everyone. Stress puts your body under strain, pushing your resources to their limits. Your body copes by increasing your energy drives, but this in turn affects your hunger drive. This is the reason why comfort foods are so sought-after. These foods are generally high in fat and carbohydrates. Your body turns fats into reserve energy, while carbs are used immediately, with excesses going into energy storage too. Stress makes your body think that it needs to prepare for some traumatic event that may limit access to food, so it seeks to build your reserves for survival. Deal with your stress constructively, and you will see yourself lose stomach fat.

Sleep is essential

Often overlooked especially in these hectic days, sleep is a critical component of good health. Without enough sleep, your body cannot repair itself, your brain slowly gets more sluggish and worst of all, your body will compensate by asking for food. If you want to eat less as one of the ways to lose stomach fat, get a good night’s sleep everyday if possible. A lack of sleep is stressful too, and the body employs the same mechanisms mentioned above.

Stay regular

No, it is not about going to the toilet to do your business on a schedule, though that is part of it. In this context, regularity refers to day-to-day routines. Eat and sleep at consistent times, use the toilet as necessary and convenient, avoid partying a lot. Going out to drink or party may not seem stressful and in fact are quite enjoyable, but the strain on the body is interpreted as stress too. Besides, alcohol and party food are additional calories that you won’t have time to use, since you will most likely drop asleep as soon as you get home. Irregular sleep and eating patterns make your body think that food and rest are not easily accessible, so it compensates by asking for more each time. Discipline yourself to and combine all the ways to flatten your stomach once you have the know how.