Unhealthy eating can destroy mood


Unhealthy eating can destroy moodIn addition to increased risk of weight gain, unhealthy eating also has another impact for you, which is to destroy the mood.

This was submitted by researchers involving young women students. Respondents were asked about their eating habits and researchers drew conclusions about the diet and the mood of the women.

“Mood can change because of food. However negative mood can indeed be contagious to people whose diets are not healthy,” said researcher Kristin Heron from the Survey Research Center, as quoted by Science Daily.

Heron also added that for those who like to eat unhealthy foods, they will eventually lose control over the number of calories consumed. So they have risk of suffering from eating disorder.

Researchers also suggested that women should be smarter in choosing foods and snacks they consume. Because once used to enjoying unhealthy foods, they are threatened by a variety of health problems, such as obesity and other diseases.

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