Unhealthy Lifestyle Starts at the Age of 16


teenager unhealthy lifestyleUnhealthy lifestyles can lead to various disorders or diseases in the body. A survey found that an unhealthy lifestyle starts since the age of 16 years old.

Researchers claimed that lifestyle patterns that fond of eating unhealthy foods, drink alcohol and rarely exercise starts to become a habit when someone is aged 16. This finding was stated by Marta Arrue from the University of the Basque Country in Spain.

“Changes in lifestyle will be followed by a variety of risks that could ultimately lead to less hours of sleep or quality,” said Arrue, according to the Telegraph.

Arrue said special attention should be given to adolescents aged 16 years, because the age is a turning point and also determines what habits will be chosen, namely healthy behavior or risky behavior.

In this study, 2,018 young people in the Basque region, Spain were observed, they were asked to fill out questionnaires. Questionnaire data is compiled and analyzed by sex and age. It is known that unhealthy living habits are already detected since early adolescence.

Women showed a greater risk behaviors than men. women’s weak point is the modern lifestyle patterns, sleep problems, risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. While the weak point of men is the use of alcohol, drugs and poor diet. This condition is influenced by various factors such as lack of information and the environment.

“Because of that, prevention campaign that focused on risk groups and even in adolescents aged less than 13 years, should be considered,” said Arrue.