Useful Tips to Get Into Your Favorite Swimsuit



Summer comes every year, many of us start worrying about how we would fit and look in a swimsuit. We take out the old one from last summer, the one we swore we would be too small to fit this summer and, to our eternal pain dismay, we find it is even far more snug this summer. We know it was supposed to be our body, not the swimsuit, that got smaller this summer. Then we get into a panic and all kinds of crash diets and the promise of instant weight loss, which, as we all know well, is not a very good thing.

If there is a subject on which more ink and keyboard time has been spent than on diets, then I don’t know what that is. There are so many experts, so much advice it will leave your head spinning. But I believe it all comes down to this: Eat small, sensible portions and stay away from foods that are obviously fattening and not good for you. To that end, here are some for sensible healthy tips:

Sensible healthy tip #1: Start by cutting your portions in half. Your stomach is after all, only about the size of your fist. Whenever you eat more than that, you are doing unkind things to your waist line. The more we eat, the more we gain weight. The less we eat, the less we gain. In fact, it stands to reason that if we reduce the amount of food we eat by half should in and of itself start us down the path of weight loss.

Sensible healthy tip #2: Stay away from fatty foods. They tend to have a direct effect on your waistline. Again, we are what we eat. If you eat fat, you get fat. Stands to reason. No?

Sensible healthy tip
#3: Exercise. Start with gradual changes to your routine. I recommend doing things that you can permanently sustain as a lifestyle. If you are generally sedentary, start with about a mile walk. Work this in at least 3 to five times a week, gradually increasing the distance and pace. As you get more comfortable with it, try to jog for parts if not the whole distance. You want to keep doing better and better as you go along.

Sensible healthy tip #4: You might also want to get a gym membership. Many gyms have free or affordable trainers who can help you put together a sustainable strategy to achieve your goals. I keep using the word sustainable because whatever you, if it has to have a meaningful effect, should be something that you can sustain as a lifestyle, not a quick fix for the season. (P.S. there are no good quick fixes for weight loss. Really.)

As these life strategies to lose weight start to take effect, remember that we are each built differently.

Here are some sensible swimsuit style tips for you:

# Sensible swimsuit style tip #1: Some of us are blessed with the hour glass figure. If you are, the bikini world is your oyster. You can select from bright colored solids, prints, micro bikinis etc. But be careful and make sure you are getting the right size and that the top holds you comfortably.

# Sensible swimsuit style tip #2: If you are a little curvier, again you also first want to make sure you select a top that holds you comfortably. It might be necessary to select underwire bikini tops if you are a little bustier than average. Depending on where the rest of the curves are, you might want to consider a one-piece bathing suit (a solid color might to the trick here). If you have a flat stomach, the bikini (if you are concerned, a body slimming bikini
perhaps?) will still be an option for you. Again make sure you are getting the right size and that you fit into the bikini nicely.

# Sensible swimsuit style tip #3: There are those of us who have a little more around the hips than others – a tad bit of that pear shape. In this case, it first depends on how much you want to show off the hips. If yes, go for it, even string bikinis (why not?). Or you could take a more muted approach, go for the sensible one piece (perhaps with deeper cleavage to redirect the eyes?).

Putting it all together
: Importantly, it took a while to outgrow you last (or desired) swimsuit or bikini size. It will take a little bit of time and discipline to get to the size you want to be.