Using a tablet every day can improve eyesight


tablet good for eyeSo far, the use of technological gadgets or tools which dominate our life is blamed as the cause of declining health, especially the health of the eye.

However, a shocking study reported by the dailymail revealed that using a tablet for half an hour every day can boost your vision capabilities.

Research involving baseball players from the University of California produced results that baseball players who use a tablet for half an hour per day can have good eyesight. They are also able to see the ball clearly at night or when the light fades.

“The purpose of this research is to improve the alertness in your brain. A few games on a computer tablet requires your brain to work harder to shoot the target. This turned out to lead to positive benefits including more alert vision,” said one researcher Aaron Seitz.

Technology tools when used properly and wisely are able to have positive results in human life. The decline in health is due to the use of these tools excessively.

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