Victoria Beckham’s Slim Secrets After Giving Birth to Her 4th Child


Many people find difficulty to get slim and get their body shape back after giving birth, but for Victoria Beckham, getting back into shape after giving birth to her fourth child, Herper Seven, is not so difficult. Evidently, after giving birth to her baby in July last year, the wife of famous footballer David Beckham is back sleek and sexy.

Many people wonders how Victoria could become slim almost immediately after she gave birth to her youngest daughter. In an interview with U.S. Vogue magazine recently, she revealed her secrets.

The fashion superstar apparently undergoes regular fitness training and runs six times a week.

“I’m exercise diligently and likes running. I do it six days a week,” said Victoria, according to OKMagazine.

Victoria trains hard helped by a fitness trainer named Tracy Anderson. “I became very obsessive when I have a desire,” she said.

The 37-year-old woman also revealed another secret of why her body can so quickly look slim again. She said that the way someone dress can create an image of sexy and slim.

“I have never had a height of six feet or a very thin body. So, I wanted to create an illusion. People think I’m more high not because the shoes I wear, but how I dress,” she explained.

Therefore, it is not surprising if Victoria is named as one of the top designers in the fashion industry. She is good in mix and matching every outfit she wears.

“I worked very hard, but it took a long time for me to find something,” she said.

From her experience we can see that Victoria’ secret of losing weight is actually no secret at all, exercise and hard work is the key if you want to have a slim body. Other ways like eating with chopsticks, for example, are just additional techniques to help you weight loss program.