Virus Will be Used to Kill Cancer


cancer cell Health Tips – Virus are not always frightening for humans. With advances in medical science, the virus can be modified to help recognize and destroy cancer cells in the future.

The good news comes from scientists from the University of Leeds, UK. Their latest research found that by adding protein into the virus, it can be “empowered” to recognize a unique marker that will appear on the surface of cancer cells.

The experts claim that the virus can also help the process of gene therapy on cancer cells. So far, the research funded by Cancer Research UK has been running in the laboratory. However, experts expect this new technique can be immediately applied in clinical trials.

In their study, researchers found that when the virus successfully identify and infiltrate into cancer cells, it can also  “send” the gene affect these cells. These genes can make the cancer become sensitive to drugs.

In other words, the “suicidal” genes can be infiltrated in the cells to replace the genes that are not perfect, which are the cause of the developing of cancer in the body. The introducing process , or known as gene therapy, is actually not new in medical world.

“Gene therapy is not very well known in recent years. This is not an indication that the therapy is not successful, but only because we have not been able to find the best way to use it,” said research leader Dr John Chester, who published his findings in the Gene Therapy medical journal.

Currently experts at Leeds University are testing it on the cells of bladder cancer in the laboratory. In the future, experts believe, this new technique can be applied to other types of cancer.