Vitamin C supplements increase risks of kidney stones in men

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Be careful when taking supplements of vitamins. A Swedish study found that men who consumed vitamin C supplements have an increased risk of kidney stones higher than men who does not take vitamin C supplements

This discovery does not mean that vitamin C supplements can cause kidney stones. But the researchers point out that there is no definite benefits that can be obtained one by taking supplements of vitamin C in high doses. Especially in people who have a history of kidney stones.

“I will not tell the patient that vitamin C supplements causes their kidney stones. Yet often I meet with patients taking additional vitamin supplements, with no defined benefit they get. I would advise people who have kidney stones disease not to consume supplements of vitamin C, “said Dr brian Matlaga, urologist at Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore.

The study was led by Laura Thomas from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. The study uses data of  Swedish men for 11 years. The analysis included 907 men who admitted taking supplements of vitamin C and more than 22,000 people who did not take any supplements.

For vitamin C, about 3.4 percent had kidney stones during the study, compared with 1.8 percent in those who did not use any supplements. based on this study, men who consumed vitamin C supplements once a day had a risk of kidney stone disease that is higher.

“Excessive use of vitamin C has long been associated with suspected kidney stones, because some parts of the vitamin C that is absorbed by the body is excreted into urine as oxalate, a component of kidney stones,” said Thomas, as reported by Reuters.

Kidney stones are made of tiny crystals formed from calcium and oxalate. Usually they will come out by itself, but will cause pain. While large kidney stones can not be removed without surgery.

But of course, it all depends on one’s nutritional needs. If vitamin C supplements are needed, then there is no problem. However, the use of vitamin C is not really need, especially in high doses because it can lead to the formation of kidney stones in men.

Matlaga explains that more research is needed to determine how large a dose is safe for consumption, use of vitamin C as well as what can increase the risk of kidney stones.

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