Vitamin D deficiency: Causes and how to overcome them


sunlight vitamin d

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient needed by the body, one of which is to strengthens bones. Although the source of vitamin D is easy and inexpensive, which is the sun, apparently there are still many people who are experience vitamin D deficiency.

So what exactly is the cause of the condition? Check out more and know how to meet the needs of vitamin D as reported by Health Me Up below.


  • Indoor activities makes a person do not have enough time to sunbathe and get vitamin D from sunlight.
  • Protecting yourself with clothing covered, masks, hats, gloves, and other also makes the body unable to absorb vitamin D naturally from the sun when we are outside the home.
  • Dark-skinned people need more time to bask in the sun because melanin reduce the skin’s ability to produce vitamin D.
  • Excessive use of sunscreen also includes one of the reasons why a person has a vitamin D deficiency condition.
  • Obese people are more likely to have vitamin D deficiency conditions. This is because vitamin D is ‘expelled’ by the fat cells from the blood.

How to cope with it

  • Every two to three times a week, you should be basking in the morning sun that can give maximum vitamin D intake.
  • Get other vitamin D sources from food, such as salmon, sardines, eggs and fish, breakfast cereals, and dairy products.
  • If you are obese, try to lose weight to get better absorption of vitamin D.
  • Avoid excessive use of sunscreen, especially if you do not stay too long under the sun.
  • Another source of vitamin D is supplements. But try to get the intake of vitamin D from a more natural source.
  • Perform health checks on the problem of vitamin D deficiency with a medical expert and ask for help on how to handle it.

That is a description of the condition of vitamin D deficiency, causes, and how to deal with it. We hope it is useful.