Vitamin D During Pregnancy is Beneficial for Body Metabolism


pregnant women vitamin DConsuming vitamin D supplements during pregnancy is a very good thing to do. There are even no inverse effect of vitamin supplements which are consumed in high amounts, for both mothers and babies.

This conclusion is derived from a research by a team from the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, USA. The research led by Dr. Bruce Hollis and was published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research recently. They conducted a randomized controlled trial involving pregnant women. This was done to determine the number of safe dose of vitamin D daily intake at the level of at least 32 nanograms per milliliter.

“Vitamin D supplements during pregnancy remains controversial because a number of misconceptions about the potential dangers that can occur in the fetus,” said Hollis. “Surprisingly, the scientific debate had little progress since Dr. Gilbert Forbes makes recommendations of 200 IU (international units) per day since 1963, based solely on conjecture, “said Hollis.

Meanwhile, the threat of vitamin D during pregnancy is still little known. On the other hand it is known that vitamins play an important role in homeostasis, regulation of the body part in the pancreas and cardiovascular system, as well as during pregnancy in which the vitamin deficiency can cause immune.

In his research, Dr. Hollis monitored 350 pregnant women from diverse ethnic backgrounds and socio-economic. Their pregnancy are between 12-16 weeks. The pregnant women were randomly divided into three groups. The first group received 400 IU vitamin D per day, the second group received 2,000 IU per day, and the third group received 4,000 IU per day.

Researchers found that the group that received the highest supplementation (4,000 IU per day) are more likely to achieve the desire level of circulating vitamin D during their pregnancy. On the other hand, researchers found that pregnant women who received lower vitamin intake, does not reaching the limit of the circulation of these vitamins.

“In our research subjects, the daily dose to 4,000 IU of vitamin D is needed to sustain normal metabolism in pregnant women,” Dr. Hollis concluded. Furthermore, he said that his team’s research has shown that consumption of vitamin D in large doses are safe and effective for pregnant women and their fetuses.