Vitamin E Can Cause Fragile Bones?


vitamin e supplements fragile bonesA recent study suggests that vitamin E could stimulate the cells that causes bone fragility. Study leader, Shu Takeda from Keio University, Tokyo, said that their findings have implications for people who take supplements of vitamin E.

The researcher explained that managing the balance between bone formation cells (osteoblasts) and bone destructive cells (osteoclast) can make the bones strong. Although previous studies showed that vitamin E may be beneficial for bone health, Japanese researchers showed the opposite result. That is because the nutrients that seem to trigger the production of osteoclasts bone scraper.

This hypothesis is supported by U.S. researchers. “Bone health is a tissue and a dynamic issue,” said Robert Graham, an expert in internal medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York City. “The bones are in a constant battle between osteoblasts and osteoclasts,” he said.

Robert said that understanding the struggle of these cells is crucial to understand how vitamin E affect bone health.

The study, published online on March 4 in the ‘Nature Medicine journal’ revealed that mice with vitamin E-deficient actually had a higher bone mass because there is little damage to the bone. Meanwhile, healthy mice who were fed with a vitamin E supplements turned out to lose bone mass.

“This study reveals a different thing from what is traditionally believed,” said Robert. “This is interesting because previous studies in vitro in mice gave contradictory results,” he said.

Even so, Robert admits that they need more research to understand better how vitamin E works in human bone. “Before we start telling people to throw away their vitamin E, let us state that these results were conducted in mice and in need of more research to view the risks and benefits in humans,” he said.