Vitamins for Hair Loss Treatment


The journey to find the most effective solution to hair loss is one that has the medical and scientific community the world over hard at work. And while there are certainly some very effective pharmaceutical type hair loss treatments available today, for many people looking to avoid the possible side-effects of prescription drugs and hair loss medications, natural vitamins for hair loss can provide an effective and healthy alternative.


It also belongs to vitamin B complex group. It is typically found in brain cells, muscles, liver, kidney, and eyes. It is seen that men loss their hair twice as fast as women. It is assumed that men usually lack Inositol, one of the primary vitamins for hair loss problems.


Also known as vitamin B7 or H, Biotin is essential for strong hair. One of the first signs of impending hair loss is weakened hair so this vitamin can delay the process. Even if you are already using drugs, it is advisable to take this as a supplement.

Of course, most of these vitamins are found in various foods. However, many people are following a very poor diet that impacts our bodies in many different ways. Therefore, in addition to eating better, which includes an increase in fruits and vegetables especially, you should supplement your diet to ensure that you are not missing out on any particular vitamin.

Taking these vitamins for hair loss and eating the right foods, especially those that are rich in iron, magnesium, zinc and lysine, are highly recommended as you can see as neither requires expensive treatment nor contains harmful chemicals.

Vitamin C is another of the vitamins for hair loss. It is basically an oxidant that helps you maintain the health of your skin and hair. The food sources where you can avail of vitamin C are green peppers, strawberries, cantaloupe, citrus fruits, tomatoes, pineapple, kiwi, dark green vegetables and potatoes.

Vitamin E

This nutrient is considered as one of the best vitamins for hair loss. It is believed to slow down the ageing process. There are various instances around the world that shows after taking vitamin E supplement individuals can actually retard their ageing process, enhance their hair quality and promote new growth of hair.

As you can notice that vitamin B family is more predominant than the other vitamins that we need for our diet. Not to say that it is more important it’s just that the vitamin B family has been associated with hair regrowth more than any other family type vitamin.

Vitamin B6

One of the best vitamins for hair loss group is vitamin B6, a water soluble vitamin. This vitamin is critical for blood metabolism. Being deficient in it would normally lead to some form of anemia. Others may also become at risk of diabetes.

Vitamins for hair loss are especially useful in treating women’s hair loss, since female hair loss is likely to be caused by hormonal changes which are susceptible to treatment. Provillus vitamins for hair loss are specially formulated to block production of DHT, the primary cause of hair loss in men.