Volumetrics diet, eat a lot but stay slim!


Volumetrics diet

Are you the type of person who likes to eat in big portions but want to remain slim? If so, Volumetrics diet is the answer for you.

How can that be? Indeed this is possible, immediate check out the explanation of Volumetrics diet and eating rules as reported by WebMD below.

1. Definition
Volumetrics diet is a method of adjusting the diet in large portions, but in the other hand your weight is maintained and your body does not swell. Volumetrics diet is the key to making a dieter feel fuller through the consumption of foods that are not from the amount of calories eaten, but from the type of foods eaten.

The diet was proposed by Barbara Rolls, a nutritionist from Penn State University. Through his book, The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet, there are many tips to eat alot but stay slim that can be applied.

2. Food
No food is forbidden to be eaten in the Volumetrics diet. But some pretty specific foods are recommended. Some of them are:

  • Foods with low energy density, for example vegetables that do not contain carbohydrates (potatoes), nonfat milk, or broth soup. Energy density itself is defined as the number of calories contained in the food per unit weight.
  • Foods with high water content, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Foods with fiber, protein, and good fats, such as lean meat, fish, and eggs.

3. How it works
Volumetrics Diet is not a weight loss program that can make the body lose 5 kg of weight within a week. But this diet is pretty consistent in keeping the body shape, although people who do this diet still enjoy food.

In addition, the Volumetrics diet results  will be more visible when matched with high physical activity and or exercise regularly.

This diet is safe even for everyone, from children, adolescents, adults, to the elderly. There are no risks or side effects reported due to the Volumetrics diet.

4. Opinions of experts
According to U.S. News, the Volumetrics diet is the seventh best common diet program. This diet can meet the needs of people who are not able to withstand hunger, but still potent to maintain body shape.

“The concept of this diet is very simple, as long as they are full, someone must stop eating. So a full stomach does not mean a fat body,” explained one of a dietitian from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

5. Exercise
Rolls suggest that Volumetrics dieters should walk for 30 minutes a day for a full week. Even without doing strenuous exercise such as doing a work out at the gym, Volumetrics diet is able to demonstrate satisfactory results.