Waking up in the middle of the night is a normal thing?


Waking up in the middle of the night is good for health

Quality sleep is essential for a good health. Adequate sleep can prevent obesity, stress, and other health problems. Therefore, some of the things that can interfere with sleep indirectly are also not good for health. One thing that disturbs sleep is the habit of waking at night.

Accustomed to waking up at night, while sleeping, and could not sleep anymore is one thing that is considered as a sleep disorder and is bad for health. Though based on scientific evidence, it is known that waking up at night or while sleeping is actually a natural thing.

Humans have two stages of sleep. The first is the hours after dusk. This usually last up to four hours. Then people wake up to do things and continue the second phase of sleep. Based on historian Roger Ekirch, there are several references that indicate that humans in ancient times did the two sleep patterns above.

According to researchers this habit exists because in ancient times the light is still not found, or rarely used. The atmosphere was dark at night makes man had two of the sleep pattern. Researchers then conducted a study to observe whether these habits affect the health, as reported by Care2 (18/10).

Researchers found that participants who perform a two-stage sleep patterns as humans old are less likely to experience stress. Not only that, the human body seems to be easier to adjust to the sleep patterns of the two phases.

Based on this research the possibilities if you often wake up at night, is because your body has two stages of sleep patterns. If you often wake up at night and could not sleep anymore, you can use it to meditate, read a book, or do other things. Waking up in the middle of the night can also be a good time to use creative thinking or pondering.