Walk After Having a Meal


walk after mealAfter having a meal people are usually sated and feels lazy to move. But you should know that taking a walk after eating have benefits for digestion.

The walking referred here is not directly walking after eating, but give time for the body to rest for a about 10-15 minutes. After that someone can take a walk.

According to Fitsugar, a walk after meals not only burn a few calories, but also helps the digestive process in this case makes the body organs work better. Walking after a meal also increases the food movement and help people with stomach ulcers.

Walking casually or slowly will stimulate peristalsis in the gut thus avoiding the buildup of food, increase blood circulationand the enzymes that work during the digestive process are sufficient to digest the food consumed.

In addition, walking for 10 minutes can be a cheap way to calm the mind, relieve stress, can prevent a person to think of snacking, increase energy and also helps lower blood pressure.

It this can be done anywhere,  you can do it at home, our outside while enjoying fresh air.

According to the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center in Rochester, a walk after dinner can help a person sleep more quickly and helps reduce cravings and snacking on high fat sweet foods late at night.

But someone is not advisable to walk fast or run after a big meal, because it can make the blood supply that should help the digestive process diverted to the fast running. As well as making the heart work twice.

Meanwhile, for people with diabetes, more time is needed before starting to walk, 1-2 hours after eating. This is to wait when insulin and blood sugar levels decreased stable. Because if you directly walk after a meal, it will disrupt the work of insulin in regulating blood sugar levels.