Walking 15 minutes a day cuts the risk of death

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The elderly should not be lazy to move. Because the latest research says that walking four times a week can reduce the risk of death by 40 percent.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the elderly does not have to walk for too long. Simply 15 minutes a day to extend the opportunity to live longer. This was delivered by researchers from Italy.

For 10 years, researchers have been monitoring 200 elderly people. Their ages ranged around 80 years and life styles were observed. These include diet, weight, smoking, drinking coffee, or mental condition.

At the end of the study, approximately 80 percent of the respondents are always on the move. While two out of three respondents died. Researchers also reported this in the Maturity journal.

Walking is an exercise that is most easily done by the elderly. But the impact is quite remarkable. For example, it can prevent heart disease, stroke, and other life-threatening diseases of the elderly.

According to researchers, a breath of fresh air and being active indeed is capable of enhancing the immune system. So the virus that causes the disease are able to be resisted. In addition, the bones become stronger and obesity can be prevented.

Walking also has an indirect impact to the health of the elderly. For example, it makes them eat more healthier and lower the risk of depression.

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