Walking Improves Brain Performance


walkingThose who loves to go around with motor vehicles, or who watches television all day long should read this article. A research showed that walking, at least 40 minutes three times a week, can improve brain performance.

Scientists from the University of Illinois, United States, studied 65 people who were asked to walk regularly for one year. These people were previously classified as “couch potatoes” or those with minimum activities. The result showed that their brain performance increases.

“There was improvement in the relations between important network in the brain,” said Art Kramer, professor of psychology at the University of Illinois, according to Science Daily. Another effect is reducing the decline in brain function related to age and improve performance in completing cognitive tasks.

The network which is observed by Kramer is the Default Mode Network (DMN), which dominates the brain when someone is not in association with other people. Previous studies proved that the older the age influence in a decrease in the coordination of DMN. “And in certain cases, could be a sign of disease,” said Michelle Voss, a doctoral candidate at the University of Illinois. He likened the decline in the coordination of brainĀ  network as a rowing team that is no cohesive.

Respondents aged 59 to 80 proved to have a better DMNĀ  than other seniors. “They’re so much better in terms of planning, establishing the scale of priorities, setting strategy and in doing multiple tasks simultaneously,” said Kramer.

So, here is another benefit of walknig. Complementing the previous function for a healthy body and could save money.