Walking in the office can lower the risk of diabetes!


lower the risk of diabetesiGood news for those of you who suffer from diabetes. A recent study had indicated that there is an easy alternative to reduce the risk of diabetes.

Diabetes itself is a disease that can not be underestimated, as it had killed many people around the world. For those of you who spend most of your time in the office, it’s good to move more often than to just sit in front of the computer.

More movement and activity will provide many benefits for you who suffer from diabetes. Well, at least this is stated by a recent research.

A new study found that walking for two minutes in the office every half hour can reduce the risk of diabetes. By knowing this fact, you should always provide time to move around rather than just sitting in front of your desk.

Leave your computer and take walk around the office, this sound simple to do but can have a big impact on your health. The impact on health provided here is even bigger than a 30 minute walk before going to work, this is as reported by the Daily Express.

According to Anthony Barnett, who is a professor of medicine at England NHS Foundation Trust, lifestyle changes can significantly reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes which is quite high in the UK.

Therefor, people who suffer from diabetes should start changing their bad habits immediately in order to get the benefits for their health.

Problems will come for those who do not change their lifestyle or habits that they do daily. Barnett added that people who just sit constantly and never move around like walking can increase levels of sugar and fat.

In the other hand, if we diligently move around, take a walk, or do other light physical activities, you will definitely get the benefits for your health, especially for those suffering from certain diseases, like diabetes for example.

This was stated by scientists at the University of Otago in New Zealand, who found that blood sugar and insulin levels declined at a volunteer who walks for one minute 40 seconds on a regular basis, as quoted by Msn (17/7).

Diabetes itself may lead to other dangerous disease, and it is known that increased levels of blood sugar and insulin are the signs of type 2 diabetes, the risk for heart disease and stroke.

However, recent findings indicate a short walk can reduce the risk of diabetes. The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Therefor, you should change your lifestyle and habits as soon as possible. Especially for those of you who already suffer from diabetes. Imagine, a simple and easy change in your daily habit could provide a massive impact on your health.

If you could succeed in changing your habit at the office, who knows you could go on and change more bad habits in your life. This eventually will lead to a more healthy and happy life. Good luck!