Walking is healthier than a workout at the gym?

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Scientists have discovered that walking in a long time turned out to be healthier than high intensity exercises like in the gym.

Low-intensity exercise, such as walking, is more effective in improving insulin sensitivity and blood lipid levels at a better rate, as written in a study published in the PLoS ONE journal.

The research conducted by the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, involved 18 children, average age of 19 to 24 years. They were then divided into three groups – the first sits for 14 hours not doing anything, the second sits down for 13 hours, but do an hour of heavy exercise, and the last group sits for six hours, walk for four hours and stands for two hours.

The results showed that walking can significantly improve insulin sensitivity and blood lipid levels.

“One hour of physical exercise every day can not compensate for the negative effects of inactivity in one’s habit of sitting for hours,” said Dr. Hans Savelberg, of the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, as reported by the Daily Mail (12/2).

“Reducing the activity with a low-intensity activity such as walking and standing is more effective than exercise in improving the parameters in sedentary subjects.

The study also showed that in addition to health care interventions that emphasize the importance of spending enough energy to maintain a neutral energy balance, the amount of time you spend sitting should also be considered.


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