Walking to school makes children smarter


It is common knowledge that children who walk or ride a bike when going to school will reduce the risk of obesity. But now a new research also mentions that walking makes them more intelligent.

As reported by the Daily Mail, researchers from Denmark says that children who is driven to school by their parents or take public transport have difficulty to concentrate while studying in school.

The results of this study is considered shocking. Because the original purpose of the study actually was to know the impact of breakfast and lunch habits in school children with their ability to concentrate.

“Indeed breakfast and lunch affects the concentration of children’s learning. But the impact was not comparable with the effects of exercise, or you could say the children who choose to walk or ride a bike to school,” said Niels Egelund, chief author of the study.

According to the researchers, walking or riding a bike to school will make children easier to concentrate. Lessons learned will be well understood by them.

“Many people know that exercise makes their body more fresh. However it turns out that exercise in long-term also gives impact and supports other activities. So it is important for parents to let their children go to school by walking or riding a bike,” said Egelund.

Previously, a study from the University of Montreal mentions that exercise helps the brain regulate oxygen use better. Exercise is also able to reduce the risk of stress and sharpens the mind.