Walking while running, easy way to burn calories


Walking while running, easy way to burn caloriesSo far, people think that walking all of a sudden while running can cause muscle injury. However, research shows that walking when running is not dangerous. This is the body’s natural way to gather energy.

This was known by researchers at Ohio State University after observing students who travel frequently. Some students admitted to prefer walking, some running. But among those also like walking and running.

Walking when running is the body’s way to get energy, said researcher Manoj Srinivasan, assistant professor from Ohio State University.

“Our ancestors running around the savanna in Africa needed to conserve energy when food is hard to find,” said Srinivasan, as reported by Today Health (01/03).

Walking while running can also be used to burn calories. The upside, you will not be tired when doing this. Walking while running also reduces the likelihood of injury due to muscle stress and tension for too long.

So, if you want to burn calories fast without running out of energy, try to combine walking and running.

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