Walks on the beach make people more relaxed


Walks on the beach make people more relaxedA study reveals that a trip to the beach or staying near the beach can make people more relaxed and keep them away from the stress.

A research conducted at the University of Exeter shows some of the benefits of spending time at the beach. Scientists conducted several experiments to show whether living near the coast could have an effect on one’s health.

“It is not surprising that people feel relaxed at the beach,” said researcher Michael White, as reported by the Daily Mail (01/07).

Researchers looked at data in the UK and found that people who live near the coast have better health. It is apparently not related to income levels, because researchers found that people who are middle to lower income actually get greater health benefits.

White also said that a walk on the beach can reduce stress and increase physical activity. Based on these results, researchers assume that they could make a form of therapy for stress based on the mood or scene on the beach.