Want a healthy heart? Do these five exercises!



The heart is a vital organ in the body. Maintaining a healthy heart is important for the health of the body. To obtain a healthy heart, surely do should live a healthy lifestyle and avoid things that are harmful to the heart.

In addition, exercise can also be done to maintain a healthy heart. Here are five types of exercise that should be done regularly to maintain heart health:

1 Swimming 
Swimming can reduce stress. In addition, it can provide some benefits to the heart like heart rate, help breathing, blood circulation, maintaining blood pressure, and others.

2 Cycling
One of the causes of heart disease is a passive lifestyle. Cycling is a fun way to exercise and get the body moving. Cycling can also be done by people of all ages and is very good for the heart, blood vessels, and lungs. Cycling regularly will reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems such as stroke, heart attack, and others.

3 Walking
Walking or a brisk walk in the morning is very good for the heart. Brisk walking can increase the heart rate and lowers the risk of heart attack if done regularly. In addition, brisk walking can also reduce levels of bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol, lower blood pressure, maintain weight, and improve mood.

4 Running
Running is also good for heart health. Running will improve endurance, as well as reducing the amount of fat around the heart and blood vessels.

5. Aerobic
Aerobic helps the heart muscle to become more powerful when exercising. This exercise also makes the heart pump blood more efficiently. Therefore, doing aerobics will keep the heart healthy and protect it from disease.