Want to be Happy? Find Something to do!


being busyIndividuals who keep themselves busy, even busyness that is aimless, tend to be happier than those who are not busy. This conclusion was obtained from the results of a research done by experts from the University of Chicago and Shanghai Jiaotong University, which was recently published in the Psychological Science journal.

“General phenomenon that we are interested in is why people in modern society are so busy doing what they do. People are busy, working hard, beyond their basic needs,” said member of the research, Christopher K. Hsee.

A total of 98 volunteers who participated in the study were asked to complete some surveys. After the first survey they were asked to wait 15 minutes till the next survey is done. They were given the option to return the first survey at a nearby location and not do anything for 15 minutes. Or they could giveback the surveys in far location on foot. Whatever option is chosen, they were rewarded chocolate until the next survey was given to them. Participants who chose the second option to walk towards the remote location looks happier rather than the first.

Unfortunately, 68 percent more partisipan prefer to stay. So Christopher urges anyone to find activities that can busy yourself. Activities could be make people happy and it is much better instead of staying still. “Wake up and do something. Anything. Even if what you are doing is not usefull whatsoever, you will feel better with it,” he suggested.

He added the government could increase the happiness of its people by giving activities. “If we can design a mechanism for an unemployed to be engage in an activity that is harmless, we think it will be better than doing destructive activities,” said Christopher.