Want to become more slim? Be active in social medias


Want to become more slim, Be active in social medias

A surprising fact mentions that social media can be used to lose weight.

Furthermore, research from Imperial College London collected 12 studies that tested the social networking service to lose weight is distributed in the United States, Europe, East Asia, and Australia. As a result, it was found that weight loss occurs collectively in most people.

“Social media is aimed at early transform and allow you to communicate. However currently ¬†a wide range of health services that you can use are¬†available. One example is a service that encourages you to lose weight as an application for running, cycling, or even a website that provides menu of healthy foods, “said study lead author Dr. Forest Ashrafian.

“Obesity has now turned into a global epidemic that must be addressed together. Developing awareness to fight obesity is the first step which is quite influential.”