Want to lose weight? Eat at these 3 places!


eat healthyThe quality and quantity of food consumed is very important when you ‘re trying to lose weight. But studies reveal that the place we eat also affect weight. Eating in the wrong place can make you eat more and make you fat quicker.

If you want to lose weight fast, try eating at some of these places , as reported by Fit Sugar.

1. In public places
When eating alone, more often a person eats up to three times the actual portion. If you want to lose weight, try to eat in a public place with other people. If you are eating with others and in public places like at the park, cafes, or other places, you tend to eat less and be more aware of the portion consumed. It will be easier for you to limit portions of foods and lose weight.

2. At the kitchen table
Taking food straight from the fridge and eating it cause a person to eat more than normal portions. This is because they eat while standing and can not estimate the amount of food consumed. For that do not directly consume food while standing after taking them from the fridge. First sit at the kitchen table and put your food on a plate. Sitting will make you eat more slowly and be aware of the portion consumed. That way you will be full faster and it will be easier for you to lose weight.

3 . In the office cafeteria
Many people eat at their desk because of their busy schedule and work piling up. Do not do this. If you want to have lunch, you should do it in the office canteen and not at your desk. A study revealed that people who eat at their work desk will consume more food than people who eat in the cafeteria. Despite being busy, at least take 10 minutes to get away from your desk and eat elsewhere.

Those are some places that can help you lose weight faster. Eating at all three places will make you more aware of the portion of food consumed, so you do not overeat.

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