Watch out, Hypertension Threaten Insomnia Sufferers


insomnia cause hypertensionDo you often find it difficult to sleep at night? It turns out that difficulty sleeping at night or insomnia is not only makes the body easily get tired, but it also has other serious threats for your health.

According to a research done by a team of researchers from the Henry Ford Center for Sleep Disorders, Detroit, United States, people who do not get enough sleep at night have a higher risk of suffering from hypertension.

Sleep duration is a part of lifestyle, and it is known that lifestyle changes could overcome hypertension.

The study was conducted by the researchers on 5,341 people with a habit of insomnia and normal sleep habits. Using internet-based questionnaire, researchers looked for patterns of insomnia symptoms and severity of hypertension and insomnia, as well as healthy living habits of each participant.

“The cause of hypertension in patients with insomnia is how often they are awaken at night and how long will it take to get back to sleep again,” said researcher Christopher Drake, from the Ford Hospital Sleep Disorders and Research Center, according to a report in the Indianexpress.

“We found that the longer they are awake and are awaken several times at night, their hypertension become more severe,” he added.

For you who suffer from insomnia, you can find various ways to treat the problem. Previously there was a report on natural ways to help you sleep faster. It was also said that speech therapy to treat insomnia is also quite effective.