Watch out, smoking can also damage emotional health!


smoking can also damage emotional healthSmoking appears to not only damage the physical health, but also mental and emotional health. A survey shows that smokers have poorer emotional health than people who do not smoke.

A survey conducted by Gallup and Healthways shows that the scale of health, smokers only score 72, while those who do not smoke have a value of 81.1. These tests reveal whether the participants do interesting things, feel stressed, sad, angry, and others.

“Smokers are more likely to feel negative emotions including stress, worry, sadness, and other than people who do not smoke,” said the researchers, as reported by the Huffington Post (01/07).

Interestingly, a survey conducted on 83,000 people also showed that nine out of 10 smokers admitted to regret having started smoking. Some other things about smoking and emotional health in smokers and people who never smoked, among others are:

1. No matter how much the level of income, smokers have lower scores on tests of emotional health than non-smokers.

2. More smokers feel the stress every day compared with those who do not smoke. Approximately 50 percent of smokers feel depressed while only 37 non-smokers who feel it.

3. Smokers are more likely to have diagnosed clinical depression compared to non-smokers, which is 26 percent vs 15 percent.

Knowing the negative effects of smoking on the body and mentally, and emotionally, do still need another reason to quit smoking?