Watch out, staying up late can make you more fat!


staying up late can make you more fatFor some people, staying up late is certainly not a strange thing to do. Many people are willing to stay awake until nighttime for a variety of reasons, ranging from working overtime, studying, traveling, or because they liketo party. A study reveals that the habit of staying up late can promote weight gain because most people often snacks and eats junk food when staying up.

These results were found after researchers conducted observations of 225 adults. Participants who stayed up until four in the morning consumed 550 more calories. In addition, this study also revealed that people who slept only four hours (starting at four to eight in the morning) gained more weight than participants who slept 10 hours every night.

Not only consume more calories, people who often stay up late also tend to eat more fatty foods. In this research men are more likely to gain weight than women.

In addition to finding the possibility of weight gain due to staying up late, these results also provide support for the importance of sufficient sleep for eight to 10 hours every day, as reported by the NY Daily News (02/07).

Separate research published earlier this year also found that sleeping for five hours each night during the weekdays with snacks is not good for weight loss. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado showed that participants gained weight rapidly during five days in such circumstances.