Watch out, stress can be bad for the heart!


stress can be bad for the heartEveryone must have experienced tough times that makes them feel stress and depression. If you experience it, you should be careful. Recent research has shown that stress can be bad for the heart.

Researchers found an increase in heart disease in people who have experienced trauma and depression. Prolonged stress will increase certain hormones which then causes the blood pressure and blood sugar to rise. Ultimately, this causes the heart more vulnerable to damage.

Not only aggravate heart conditions, stress and depression also triggers anger, despair, and bad behavior such as drinking alcohol and eating too much. These results were found after researchers looked at 207,954 veterans of war in California and Nevada aged 46-74 years old.

The veterans who have depression and trauma were compared with those who did not have depression and trauma. All the participants did not have diabetes and heart disease at baseline, as reported by NBC News (10/03).

After two years of research, it was found that 35 percent of participants who had depression and trauma have developed diabetes and heart disease. Meanwhile, only 19 percent of people who have not experienced trauma and depression that had it.

Researchers also found a higher risk of metabolic syndrome, a disorder caused by cardiovascular disease risk factors such as fat, cholesterol, blood pressure, and high blood sugar levels. Approximately 53 percent of veterans who have it, while only 37 percent of those without depression who experienced it.

A high risk of heart disease is applicable to all types of depression and trauma, like trauma of a natural disaster, rape, accident or robbery.

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