Watch out, stress can lead to prostate cancer!


stress can lead to prostate cancerA study found that the branch of the nervous system responsible for stress and mechanisms of “running” in humans is associated with the emergence of prostate cancer. They also found that drug content of beta-blockers that are used to lower blood pressure could be used to fight cancer in men.

Previous research suggests that some tumors can develop and migrate to the nerves. Neural networks are also found in and around the tumor. But until now the role of the nerve in cancer is not known.

Recent studies conducted in mice and humans found that the nervous system has an important effect in the development of cancer. One branch of the nervous system associated with the stress and danger as well as tasked to catch signs of increased heart rate is associated with cancer progression.

Researchers found that the neural network is giving a boost to the prostate cancer to grow. Hormone produced during stress also has contributed to the hormone growth. Hormones bind to molecules on the surface of tumor cells and triggers the release of chemicals that cause cancer.

Meanwhile, another neural network that served to calm the heart rate also trigger tumor to split and then spread to other parts of the body, this is as reported by the Daily Mail (12/07).

Drugs used to treat high blood pressure and stress called beta-blockers are known to suppress the nervous system and hormone receptors that trigger the formation of cancer. Although more research is needed, but the authors explain that the drug has a good possibility to be used to prevent prostate cancer.