Watch Your Muschels After Exercise


Physical exercise be a great way to build body muscle, but people tend to ignore the treatment of muscles after exercise. Sometimes your muscle hurts after exercise.  Recovering tense muscles after exercise is essential to keep the muscles active. For that, consider some tips from Kevin Symes, an athletic trainer.

– Cooling
Cooling that is done properly is just as important as warm up before starting exercise. You can choose a brisk walk or jog to loosen the muscles of the body. The heart rate will increase rapidly fir lactic acid. By doing the proper cooling, you also give a chance for the body to receive more oxygen.

– Eating right
After exercise, it is crucial to give your body protein intake. These nutrients will increase insulin sensitivity in the body, making it easier to move sugar from the bloodstream into tissues such as muscle tissue. For that, immediately consume protein not more than 30 minutes after your workout.

– Replace lost body fluids
The body sweats more during exercise. The fastest way to recover the body, is to replace fluids lost through sweat. Make sure you consume water. 75 parts of muscles consists of  water, and therefore consuming enough water is of course important to restore stamina.

– Rest
Muscle strength training is very different from cardio that burn calories more. Therefore, if you are doing both types of exercise, give pause one or two days to avoid muscle injury. You can also try having a bath, it was known that a cold water bath reduce muscle pain after exercise.