Watching Too Much TV Can Damage Your Heart


watch too much tv dangerous for heartThose of you who likes to spend hours in front of the television should be careful. A recent study revealed that watching television more than four hours non-stop can damage your heart, even though you exercise routinely.

According to Doctor Emmanuel Stamakis from University College London, besides people who often watch television, those who like surfing the Internet and play computer games are also at risk for heart disease. They risk are two timer larger compared with those who rarely or less than four hours watches television.

“This is about habit, many of us goes home and sits down and watch television, it is comfortable,” said Stamakis. “But it has a very bad impact on the heart and our health,” he said, according to daily mail.

This study uses data from 4,512 adults who participated in a households health surveys in Scotland. Respondents were asked to reveal how often they watched television or videos, and also long they spend in front of the computer.

After the data were compared, it turned out that those who to spend two hours to four hours in front of the television has a risk of heart attack up to 125 percent. This risk is not influenced by other factors, such as smoking, social levels, high blood pressure, not even influenced by how often they exercises.

The findings, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology also applies to those who work and sit for hours in front of the computer continuously.