Watching TV 2 hours a Day Speeds up Death


Watching Too Much TelevisionResearchers have long warned of the dangers of watch television excessively. They concluded two hours a day watching TV can bring a person closer to death.

Journal of the American Medical Association released an interesting evidence. Two hours or more a person are in front of the TV is enough to make them exposed to various diseases. Odds are 20 percent to have diabetes, 15 percent to coronary heart diseaseĀ  and 13 percent for other diseases.

According to a researcher from the University of Southern Denmark, Dr Anders Grontved, TV makes people rarely exercise and often consume fast foods (junk foods). “Two factors which accelerate the risk of death,” he said, according to the Daily Mail.

Previously, a study involving 1,300 children by the university of Michigan and Montreal found adverse effects on children who watch TV more often. The more a child watches television, the more likely they get bad achievement in schools and their health will also beĀ  affected by the age of 10 years.

So how do we fix this? One of the most effective way is to reduce the duration of a person to watch television. Maureen Talbot from the British Heart Foundation recommends exercise as a shield for someone to avoid the risk of death from television.

“At least someone needs to exercise 30 minutes a day,” she said.