Watching TV before bed make children hyperactive?

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Today, children and teens often spend their time watching television, playing video games or laptops, before bed. This makes them take longer to fall asleep than those who rarely watch TV or play video games.

“Reducing the habit of watching TV before bed can be a good strategy to help children go to bed early,” said Louise Foley, a researcher from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, as reported by

In this study, Louise and her team focused on how much time is spent by children and teens watching TV and playing video games before bed. The researchers also looked at how long it took participants to sleep. The study has been published online on January 14 in the February print issue of the Pediatrics journal.

What are the effects of lack of sleep in children and adolescents? Dr. Roya Samuels, a pediatrician at Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park, New York, said that the effects of sleep deprivation can affect the behavioral patterns of children and adolescents which makes them become irritable, more aggressive, and hyperactive.

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